Monday, May 11, 2009

The last days of the Rustom-Carmina marriage

Good Times Manila has obtained a personal journal purportedly belonging to actress and TV host Carmina Villaroel with entries reflecting her thoughts and feelings in the last days of her marriage to Rustom Padilla, now known as Bebe Gandanghari.

Due to the highly sensitive and personal nature of the diary, GTM will not publish its entire contents, but will instead reproduce only excerpted portions, particularly the entries that make allusions to their relationship as husband and wife.

In separate interviews, Villaroel, who has since married Zoren Legaspi, with whom she has twins, and Gandanghari, who now lives as a woman, each refused to comment on the journal or vouch for its authenticity. They said they will respond in due time.

The excerpts follow:

Dec. 4, 1996
Dear Diary,
Making Christmas preparations… Why do I feel that honey is not so excited about Christmas this year? It’s been months since we made loving-loving.

Feb. 20, 1997
Dear Diary,
Tonight, I found red lace panties in the laundry basket. I’m sure hindi sa ‘kin yon. Size XL at “crotchless…” I hope I’m wrong, dear diary. I hope he’s not cheating on me.

Feb 27, 1997
Dear Diary,
I found smudges of lipstick on honey’s hanky today. I also smelled Chanel No. 5 on his shirt. That’s a woman’s perfume, dear diary.

March 14, 1997
Dear Diary,
I came home earlier than usual today. I was shocked to see honey wearing bras and panties in our bedroom.

When I confronted him sabi nya he wants to experiment para naman daw magka-spice ulit ang sex life namin. Actually may point sya. (Kaya lang parang napaka-kinky kasi…)

April 10, 1997
Dear Diary,
Honey came home today and suggested a threesome. Nashock ako. Sabi ko, hindi ako comfortable na me ibang babae while we make loving-loving…

Natahimik lang sya.

April 11, 1997
Dear diary,
Honey said that if I’m uncomfortable with a woman, why not a man na lang daw? (Hindi na ako makatanggi…)

April 13, 1997
Dear Diary,
Honey brought a man with him to the house tonight. Natuloy na finally ang threesome namin.

Pero parang naechapwera ako… walang pumansin sa akin e. Silang dalawa lang ang nag-loving loving.

Dear diary, dapat na ba akong magduda?

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